Agents Speak Out
Do you work with partner agency schemes by school associations?
Alex Lee
Hai Thong Education & Travel, Vietnam
"For over 10 years in the industry, there are different benefits from working with a partner agency scheme. It is great that we can be up-to-date to deliver the most suitable information to our beloved students. More, it is our pleasure to have full support in marketing due to the existing reputation that has been built. For example, we had a successful international educational fair in March with the enthusiastic participation of our partner agency scheme. Besides that, we could not avoid [certain] limitations [if we were not] part of a partner agency scheme, [such as] the strictness of immigration law that needs to be followed."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016
Raymond Keung
UKEA, Hong Kong
"Partner agency schemes set incentive targets, mostly attainable, with a bit more input effort they are achievable, which brings satisfaction. And some schemes, they go the extra mile to do the in-depth homework, provide solid support about their products, the pros and cons, that help immensely with supporting our work. All in all, the support of a partner agency scheme is appreciated. In general, they are quite flexible and laid back, however we do meet limitations, especially with regional boundaries. In Hong Kong, our clients come from all over Asia, including Hong Kong itself, China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, etc. Some schemes restrict clients from China to approach us. This creates difficulty, particularly for clients who are highly recommended. As much as we wish to help out with new clients, due to the obligation to a partner scheme, sadly we have to turn them away. In my experience, what I find most interesting about partner agency schemes is it is the people who keep it going. Schemes and structures change from time-to-time, but the people remain strong and keep going on. Over the years, I have made friends with many business partners through these schemes."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016
Giulia Biagiotti
Erasplus+ Agency, Spain
"At Erasplus+ we are experts in placing internships students in high potential start-ups and we work closely with Erasmus Plus students in particular. Our agency has worked in the past with start-ups based in Ireland, France, Italy and Spain and we are now expanding to the UK. We are not working with partner agency schemes at the moment but we are currently looking to begin collaborations that will give our agency and our future partners a great step forward towards the UK market. Working closely with agencies like ours gives a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge of new markets, increase revenue streams, leverage our network for ease of service and, most of all, keep improving our collecting service to meet the best industry standards."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016
Maria Morgacheva
DelArte Education Agency, Russia
"DelArte is a partner agency of several associations, e.g. Ialc. For us as professionals it is clear that being associated with certain brands is a sign of quality. When we look for schools to work with in new destinations, the first thing we do is check if it belongs to associations we already work with. There are some barriers preventing us from joining some partner schemes, for example the necessity to work with five or more different member schools during a year or attend all relevant workshops several years in a row. Unfortunately, up to now, almost all international brands in international education are relatively unknown to the general public in our country. We try to do our best to explain the benefits (such as high quality teaching and quick progress as a result) that students can get choosing this or that institution, which belongs to a relevant association."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016
Sébastien Grandame
Enseignement Superieur a l'etranger, France
"French customers are more worried than other Europeans when they travel, especially young people. Parents and students have various level of assessment of quality and the fact is that both need to hear that the schools we represent are 'accredited by' even if they have never heard about agency schemes, it's a must. In their mind, it is important. As a French agent, we appreciate the good relationship we have with Quality English, for example. We are working with partner agency schemes and we have to do our best to provide the same kind of quality standards."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016
Thoi Nguyen
United Education Co., Vietnam
"Being a member of a partner agency scheme not only helps our company receive recognition by prestigious organisations and schools in the world, but also provides access to a large network of business professionals with mutual aims and advancement in the consulting industry. In addition, our company benefits from the resources given for marketing activities, such as increasing brand awareness or approaching target customers. There are great benefits to participate in this partnership, but there are also limitations. By operating under a partner agency scheme, there would be less autonomy in decision making due to multiple parties involved and as a representative of the agency. From personal experience and observation, United Education has had many opportunities to network with partners and create friendships from all around the world to share cultural values and local cuisine. It can be seen that both sides gain invaluable experience from the partnership and United Education would like to continue cooperating with other partner agency schemes in the future."
Article published: 25 Aug 2016