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ACG Education expands its English schools
ACG Education, New Zealand's largest independent educational services provider, has acquired The Campbell Institute to expand its English language school portfolio.

With campuses in Wellington and Auckland, The Campbell Institute is a member of accrediting body English New Zealand and an NZQA-rated Category 1 provider, meaning enrolled students can work up to 20 hours per week while studying.

The institute is the only English language school offering English pathway programmes to the Victoria University of Wellington, as well as to a number of other tertiary providers and secondary schools.

Campbell's Wellington campus will co-locate with ACG's Wellington Pathways campus from mid-2017. The union will give international students the option of a seamless study pathway from English language, through University Foundation Studies and on to a degree at Victoria University.

ACG Group Chief Executive, John Williamson, said the new acquisition would see ACG delivering education to over 13,000 students in three countries through its 35 campuses.

"Strategically the acquisition of the Campbell Institute is an excellent fit with our University Pathways programmes and Campbell's highly sought-after courses and programme are well-recognised. ACG is committed to growing the Campbell Institute and strengthening our pathways partnership with Victoria University."

Tim Mahren Brown, Co-Owner of The Campbell Institute, will remain in his position as General Manager.

Following the announcement Tim added, "We are excited about joining with ACG Education. Campbell has been developing pathway opportunities for our students into further study and careers, and our joining with ACG will enhance that further. With staff also benefitting through the deeper resources and opportunities available within ACG, we are eager to further support our students to achieve their goals."

By Clarissa Waldron
Editorial Assistant