An estimated 1.8 million graduates take the ACT test each year.
US college exam cancelled in Hong Kong and Korea

The ACT examination for US college admissions was cancelled for all test-takers in Korea and Hong Kong at the weekend, after evidence emerged that the test had been leaked in advance.

In a statement to examinees in the two countries issued hours before the test was due to be taken, ACT Inc, administrators of the exam, said, "ACT has just received credible evidence that test materials intended for administration in these regions have been compromised. Accordingly, ACT took the difficult but appropriate step of cancelling the test event to ensure the fairness of the exam for all examinees." The company did not reveal how and where the test had been leaked.


The ACT test is one of the exams widely used by US colleges to assess the academic suitability of candidates, both domestic and international.


ACT said the June 11 test date would not be rescheduled and that refunds would be issued. The next available date will be in September. Around 5,500 candidates scheduled to take tests at 56 different locations were affected by the cancellation, according to Reuters news reports.


The company said that if candidates were facing college application deadlines, they would be able to use the cancellation message as verification that they were registered for the original test date.


Beijing based agency association Bossa is a strategic partner of ACT Club, the exam's representation in China, and Bossa President, Sang Peng, serves as its China Vice President.


In a statement, the association said, "Bossa is disappointed in the leakage and subsequent cancellation of today's ACT exams, which are bound to have a negative effect on perceptions towards the ACT (Club) in China."


The ACT test is not currently delivered as a stand-alone test in China and can only be taken by Chinese candidates as part of the Global Assessment Certificate (GAC).


According to a statement on Bossa's website, the agency association's partnership with the ACT Club is designed to promote knowledge about the ACT exam, conduct online and offline activities, and help Chinese students and schools study English and develop an international perspective.


By Matthew Knott

News Editor