Sang Peng, President of BOSSA (right) with recent gradautes of the China Education Agent Course (CEAC)
BOSSA-ICEF scheme passes 100 agents

The China Education Agent Course (CEAC) has recently qualified its 100th agent participant, just over a year after its launch, agency association BOSSA has reported.

Established as a joint operation between ICEF, the Beijing Overseas Study Service Association (BOSSA) and the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources (MOHRSS) at the beginning of 2015, the programme was designed to standardise student recruitment practices in China, Bossa said.


"Thousands of agents and so-called agents exist in China, and many ambitiously want some form of Chinese government approval to boost their image and credibility, equalling more potential sales," said Bossa Spokesperson, Jon Santangelo. "Though Bossa cannot enforce against unprofessional or fraudulent advising practices, it can promote higher standards by distinguishing and awarding the professionals."


The CEAC is an adaptation of the ICEF Agent Training Courses (ITAC) for the Chinese market. Candidates that successfully complete the course are granted membership into the Overseas Study Senior Expert Association, a subdivision of Bossa, and will be recognised as China ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (CITAC).


Marcus Badde, ICEF CEO, said, "We are all extremely committed to supporting Chinese education agents to professionally represent both the interests of international students and their educator partners. We are confident that like our other qualifications, the CITAC status will fast become a recognised distinction of quality and professionalism in China and abroad."


The ITAC course has also developed two other market-specific variants: the Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA) and the US Agent Training Course (USATC).



By Matthew Knott

News Editor