Bossa's verification service
Bossa issues warning over copyright infringement

Agency organisation the Beijing Overseas Study Service Association (Bossa) has issued a warning over unauthorised use of its name on online Chinese shopping websites.

In a statement, Bossa said that on the Tao Bao and Tian Mao shopping sites it had "discovered illegal use of the association name and the Bossa Academic Verification Center name by so-called 'partners in cooperation' and others claiming to have the rights to use the name".


The association said that the businesses were offering document verification services for payment. "This action was not approved by Bossa. This action has infringed upon Bossa and Bossa Academic Verification Center's legal rights and seriously damaged its reputation," it said.


Jon Santangelo, Communications Director of Bossa, told StudyTravel Magazine, "We have already issued cease-and-desist orders and all illegal vendors will be shut down."


In its statement, Bossa reiterated that it had not given the rights to use the name to any agency, company or individual for purposes on any website.


Bossa urged any parties interested in verifying academic documents to contact the centre directly. "In this way, clients can be sure they will receive authentic and valid verification services," it said.  


The verification services offered by Bossa were launched in partnership with the Ministry of Education (MoE) in 2014 as part of a campaign to combat fraudulent activity in applications from Chinese students. Bossa is authorised by MoE to translate documents and transcripts into English.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor