British Council launches MOOC course for agents

The British Council will run a free online course for agents this month, aiming to provide insights on best practice in guiding international students to the UK.

The Study UK: a Guide for Education Agents, Advisors and Counsellors MOOC is "designed for people interested in starting out in the sector or consolidating their current skills", according to a British Council statement.


Hosted on the FutureLearn platform, the course will run for four weeks from November 13 with 12 hours of content, and is open to all agents.


The course follows the journey of a student and covers visa and immigration issues, how to use UCAS, specialised applications in fields such as architecture and medicine, quality assurance mechanisms and pastoral care.


Brenda McMahon, Global Head of Higher Education at the British Council, said, "We've taken the knowledge we've honed from decades of experience in the British Council and turned it into a free course that benefits everyone in the sector.


"This is for people who are just starting out in the business. It's about reaching a wider audience, promoting the UK and sharing our expertise with people in the English teaching sector worldwide."


The course has been co-funded by the British Council and the GREAT Britain campaign as part of a Study UK drive, and includes video lessons from experts in the ELT, boarding school and higher education sectors.


Agents can sign up for the MOOC on the FutureLearn platform.  


The British Council also provides training and certification courses for agents, for which agents have to have two agreements in place with UK educational institutions.  



By Matthew Knott

News Editor