International students can receive assistance from EESL to enter postgraduate degrees and careers based in New Zealand.
NZ companies merge to help overseas students into work
Two education companies in New Zealand have merged to form a new body which will introduce international students to a career in NZ and market tertiary institutions on a global scale.

Endeavour Education Services Ltd. has merged with EdCorp International, making it one of the largest education services in New Zealand.


Other aims of the new company, now known as Endeavour Education Services Ltd. (EESL), will provide "end-to-end services", e.g. recruitment to internship, connecting international students to valuable postgraduate opportunities or to enter the New Zealand workforce.


"International talent is vital for New Zealand," said Bruce Gadd, CEO of EESL. "NZ Tech estimates a shortfall of 10,000 skilled workers in the tech sector over the next three years. We believe we will bridge the gap between international students and their opportunities in NZ.


"There's a broad range of exceptional international talent here, most of which are graduating from our universities, but they are unsure how to promote themselves to Kiwi companies. We're here to change that."


EESL assists students to build networks, gain work experience and improve their professional profile. The student is also paired with a mentor to tailor the programme and help with ensuring the correct documentation is filed before arrival.


The company has two offices in New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington), two in India (New Delhi and Bangalore), and one in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Students not currently studying in New Zealand also have the opportunity to benefit, with EESL working with agents and international institutes to recruit graduates from around the world to enrol in postgraduate studies in NZ.


Speaking to StudyTravel Magazine, Bruce added, "Our dedicated representatives attend education fairs on behalf of the organisation, gather and share leads with the institution's NZ-based team. We follow up with students and follow up with agents on every lead generated by them."


By Georgina Deacon
Staff Journalist