Eaquals and Groupement Fle to cooperate

International language school accreditation body Eaquals and Groupement Fle, the association of French language schools, have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) to work together.

Christophe Tissot, President of Groupement Fle, said, "The MoC goes beyond a simple agreement to keep our respective members and stakeholders informed about joint activities or each other's projects. It goes way beyond sending each other invitations to relevant open meetings. Each organisation will be appointing a point of contact to liaise between the two and to bring areas of collaboration to the fore.


"Both Eaquals and Groupement Fle recognise the overall student learning experience as our common number one goal, and our cooperation will lead to interesting and meaningful developments for all of our members in the future."


President of Eaquals, Justin Quinn, added, "Eaquals are delighted that we have signed an MoC agreement with Groupement Fle, the leading language school association in France. It is so important in these days of globalisation that quality associations lead the way and show that we all value quality. We share the same vision for the future, and we are looking forward to growing and developing our language and training together."


Eaquals has also signed an MoC with language school association English UK in recent weeks.


All three associations are members of the Global Alliance of Education and Language Associations (GAELA), and presented industry insights and latest developments at the recent GAELA presentation, held prior to the StudyTravel Alphe UK conference.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor