English New Zealand's Italian student blogger
English New Zealand hosting European bloggers

Language school association English New Zealand is currently hosting two student bloggers from Italy and France to raise awareness of the country as an ELT study destination.

The scheme is a joint initiative with government body Education New Zealand, and follows the successful hosting of bloggers from Japan and Colombia previously.


Kim Renner, Executive Director of English New Zealand, said, "A key objective is to raise the profile of English New Zealand in these markets - part of our wider three-year market development plan which has included an outbound mission in the last two years."


The students are writing about their experiences during two months of study and travel, and English New Zealand has dedicated pages on its website for the French and Italian blogs.


"With blog posts in Italian and French on the schools they're visiting, the regions and activities, it's an excellent resource for counsellors to be able to use," said Kim.


Funding for the blogging project was announced in September last year as part of the most recent round of Education New Zealand's International Education Growth Fund (IEGF).


English New Zealand recently announced bumper growth for 2016 with a 20 per cent increase in international student numbers and growth from a number of recruitment markets.


English New Zealand comprises of 27 member schools, both private language institutions and public sector university language centres, and commands around 80 per cent market share of the ELT sector in New Zealand.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor