St Patrick's College, the latest summer junior location for HSI
New summer location and robotics/coding course for HSI

High Schools International (HSI) has announced a new summer junior centre in Ireland for 2019, as well as an English plus Robotics and Coding programme.

St Patrick's College, a residential third-level teacher training college situated between Dublin and Dublin Airport and part of Dublin City University (DCU), is the latest summer location for HSI and its year-round language school Dublin Cultural Institute.


Declan Millar, Managing Director of HSI, told StudyTravel Magazine the college offered "single-room accommodation, modern teaching and dining facilities, campus-wide wifi and easy access to Dublin city centre".


Meanwhile, the provider will be offering an entirely new English plus Robotics and Coding programme at the centre in July, for students aged between 13 and 17 years, available in course durations of two, three or four weeks. No prior knowledge of either robotics or coding is required, and an English language teacher will assist the trainers at the workshops.


Declan explained, "The Robotics and Coding programme is designed and will be delivered by a specialist Robotics and Coding training company. The English programme will be delivered each morning, and Robotics and Coding on three afternoons each week."


The Robotics and Coding workshops will be built around two-week modules with a practical and fun outcome, he said. The lessons will cover coding and navigation, sensors and actuators, and will finish with a project where students will create and code a robot to solve a maze autonomously.


"This new development is a response to the decline in the traditional English plus activities plus sports junior programmes. Kids these days are into technology in a way that never existed before, and this programme will combine that enthusiasm and interest with the English language tuition."


HSI offers a range of short- and long-term high school options and placements in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA, as well as guardianships in the UK and Ireland.


Declan was recently interviewed by StudyTravel Magazine regarding trends in the secondary school sector.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor