IALC and Edvisor announce partnership

The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has announced a partnership with Edvisor, a provider of technology solutions in the language travel industry, to promote all 140 member schools on the Edvisor Platform.

The Edvisor Platform streamlines data sharing between schools and agents and allows them to connect in real time. Schools can manage their products, prices and promotions, while agents can instantly generate quotes, send digital applications, chat with schools and use the integrated CRM to manage clients.


IALC President, Giorgia Biccelli, said, "This cooperation sets IALC at the forefront of innovation in the language travel industry. Edvisor's cutting-edge technology applied to B2B online services will be of great benefit to IALC member schools and agents, increasing synergies and business opportunities."

Robin Adams, Vice-President Marketing at the association, said IALC had recognised the need to simplify the booking process and facilitate more efficient means of communication between schools and agencies, and that a number of technological solutions had been explored.


Bruno Contrera, Managing Director of STB Europe agency, commented, "We're excited to be able to quote and register our students directly to all of our IALC partner schools in a single place. It will make our lives easier and it's a big step forward in connecting both sides of the industry."


As previously reported in StudyTravel Magazine, the Edvisor Platform was initially launched late last year, focused on English language schools in Canada and Latin American agents, before being rolled into other markets and destinations.


"We're thrilled to welcome IALC schools and agents to our platform and further our shared vision to streamline collaboration and make international education more accessible to students everywhere," said Nicolas Miller, CEO of Edvisor.


IALC was inducted into the StudyTravel Super Star Hall of Fame in 2015 after winning the ST Star Language School Association category five times, while Edvisor was the inaugural recipient of the newly created ST Star Service Provider category this year.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor