An artist's impression of Idealangues' new language industry space, set to open next week.
French agency establishes language co-working hub

French agency Idealangues is planning to create a language industry co-working space with the opening of its new office in Lille next week.

Seven years after being established, the agency is expanding to the new 60m2 location near the touristic centre of the city, with the objective of creating "a true and efficient language hub aimed at easily finding complementary solutions when you want to learn a foreign language," said Yohann Duchatelle, Founder and Director of Idealangues.


Explaining the concept, Yohann told StudyTravel Magazine, "The inspiration of the co-working space is that I strongly believe in the gathering of complementary forces. There is not one way to learn a foreign language, and you need to adapt the learning solutions to your daily life."


"Idealangues is all about travelling to the country to learn not only the language, but the country's culture. But there are some people in Lille who also want face-to-face lessons, e-learning solutions, translation, and so on. My objective is that the 'Lille Des Langues' co-working space I am creating will be able to answer people's expectations to the maximum.


The office will be open to professionals working in the language or travel industry, Yohann explained, and also to people that work from home and need additional space or start-ups that need room to meet potential clients.


"The feedback I have received has been great so far, especially from my partner schools, said Yohann. "When I told them about the project, they encouraged me a lot."


Idealangues is hosting an official inauguration night on May 12, and an Open Day event on May 13.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor