Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza to launch Language + DJ Course
Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza, in Spain, will launch a Language plus DJ and Music Production course in 2018.

The programme is a joint initiative between Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza and music school Ibiza Blau Music, with students able to choose from an intensive Spanish or English course, from A1 to C2 level, alongside their music production training.


Daniel Bertole, Director General at Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza, promoted the course at the annual Fedele workshop, iVamos! Español en España, in Ibiza and Palma in October.


"This is innovation in the sector," he told StudyTravel Magazine. "It makes so much sense in Ibiza, but it's serious study with accredited teachers.


"Nowadays, the computer has become another instrument among the more traditional ones like the piano, guitar or drums.


"The course is offered in combination with a language programme as it is necessary to have knowledge of the Spanish language in order to be able to find work and live this experience in Ibiza. Because of the international scope of the profession, we also offer it in combination with English."


As part of the course, students are given the opportunity to perform at an Ibizan venue together with their teachers, who are all certified in digital music production, and a professional DJ.


Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza, accredited by Instituto Cervantes and a member of Fedele Baleares, soft-launched the course last summer but will offer the complete programme as of 2018.


By Jared Tinslay

Editorial Assistant