The Royal High School in Bath, host institution for Languages United's new summer boarding programme.
New summer boarding programme for Languages United

UK-based ELT provider Languages United has launched a new summer boarding programme, in partnership with The Royal High School in Bath.

Available from mid-July to mid-August with a minimum stay of two weeks, the boarding programme will incorporate leadership and intercultural skills, the school said.


Slavenka-Vukovic-Bryan, Principal at Languages United, said, "We will be providing a real boarding school experience, but more importantly developing the students' academic, personal and social skills. The course aims to develop every student to become a global citizen - aware of the world around them and the impact they can make on it."


She added, "Our programme blends the improvement of English skills with team building, leadership and public speaking. Students from around the world will be making new friends and gaining cross-cultural understanding. Our activities and community social responsibility projects improve the students' understanding of the world and ways they can help it."


The programme will also include activities such as early morning exercise, yoga, mindfulness, football, rugby, chess, coding, arts and performance.


A member of English UK and Quality English,  Languages United also operates a year-round adult and junior school in Bath, as well as non-residential summer courses for juniors.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor