Mackenzie School launches interactive activities

Scotland-based young learner provider Mackenzie School of English has incorporated a range of interactive GPS challenges into its activity programme.

Rhona Smith, Sales and Marketing Executive, explained to StudyTravel Magazine that all students will be provided with iPad minis to be used during excursions, city tours and cultural visits, and said that Mackenzie School of English has worked with an award-winning app development company to develop the challenges.


"Traditional paper-based challenges have been enhanced with the use of this technology, which allows students to take part in photo and video challenges using the device as well as traditional question-format tasks," she said.


"As well as being immensely fun, the app is incredibly useful as it is possible to pull data and feedback from the app upon completion of the activity," said Rhona.


"We are proud to say that we are the only English language school in the UK using this technology at the moment, and so far the feedback has been overwhelming positive."


Based in Edinburgh, Mackenzie School of English is a member of English UK and Quality English, and offers a range of courses including summer school, residential, performing arts and other specialist courses for junior groups.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor