Virginia Commonwealth University, the latest pathway partner for Navitas
Navitas signs new US partnership as enrolments grow

Global pathway provider Navitas has announced a new partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in the USA, while the company has also announced eight per cent growth in enrolments for the third semester of 2017.  

The VCU Global Student Success Program (GSSP) is scheduled to commence enrolments from autumn this year at the university's Richmond campus, and will prepare international students for undergraduate and graduate degrees at the institution.


Established in 1838, VCU is one of the largest state universities in Virginia with more than 30,000 students, Navitas said, and offers 128 degree programmes.


Under the agreement, which is for an initial five-year term with a five-year extension period, Navitas will also recruit international students for direct entry into the university.


Rod Jones, CEO of Navitas, said, "VCU has a well-earned reputation for delivering high-quality programmes, especially in the healthcare and the arts. We are very pleased to be partnering with them to enable more students from around the world to access their programmes."


The development follows the announcement that Navitas experienced an eight per cent increase in student enrolments for its University Partnerships Division in the third semester of 2017.


Navitas said there were 16,220 equivalent full-time student units (EFTDU), compared with 14,973 in the same period of the previous year.


The growth was mainly driven by enrolments at Australian and New Zealand colleges, which increased by 18 per cent, and represented almost half of all Navitas students. Rod said growth had been very strong, but added that there was a bias towards East Coast universities and an increasing number of visas going to postgraduate students so growth was varied across colleges.


Overall North America enrolments decreased by four per cent, with USA losses partly offset by Canada. "We remain highly committed to our US partnerships, although operating conditions are now more challenging than prior years. The US remains the number one destination for international students and presents a significant opportunity for longer-term growth for Navitas."


Enrolments for Navitas's UK colleges increased by 11 per cent in the third semester of 2017, mainly driven by higher numbers of European students, Rod said. "Although we have seen growth in the UK this semester, recruitment remains challenging. We continue to see pressure building on the UK government to exclude international student numbers from the UK's immigration quota and strongly support that proposed reform."


In other Navitas news, the company has announced a renewal of its agreement with Curtin University for its Perth-based Curtin College and Curtin Singapore campus, with both partnerships extended for 10 years to 2028.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor