Bethan Norris, Senior Editor of StudyTravel Magazine
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This week's news stories include a report revealing the latest OECD statistics looking at global trends in the movement of students seeking higher education outside of their own country.

I was interested to see that overall numbers for students seeking higher education worldwide grew by just 0.4 per cent between 2014 and 2015. This slight growth of overall student numbers is echoed in the English language teaching industry for the previous few years, according to my research.


I have spent the week collating statistics from the main eight English language destinations for language travellers, in preparation for our annual Global Market report on the English language teaching industry for the December issue.


Our own figures account for students studying English in just eight destinations worldwide and the OECD statistics include 35 countries, so it is possible that the overall number of students studying either English or in higher education continues to increase year on year, just that the number and scope of destinations chosen by students also increases, outside of these data sets.


For this reason we plan to try and include other English language destinations in our Global Market research next year, including the Philippines and Cyprus, in order to capture changing destination trends. Watch this space!

In other news, the pathway programme sector continues to grow and develop. EC Higher Education announced its second US pathway collaboration with a US higher education provider, DePaul University, this week, while Navitas has also announced plans to buy Christchurch College of English in New Zealand, the on-campus English language provider for Navitas's pathway programmes at the University of Canterbury.


This was previously a rather unusual set up in the industry whereby a language school existed side by side on a university campus with a separate pathway programmes provider. By combining the English language teaching and pathway provision for the University of Canterbury, students will be offered a more streamlined pathway to entry into full university studies.

Our News Editor, Matthew Knott, has been stateside this week, gathering news at the EnglishUSA IEP Stakeholders Conference in Washington, DC. He'll be back next week, sharing the latest news from our US partners.

Bethan Norris
Senior Editor