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Only two weeks into 2018 and we are already on the eve of the first agent conference of the year; and I have to say StudyTravel Alphe Spain is a personal favourite!

Aside from the very pleasant climate and cuisine in Malaga, ST Alphe Spain is always a sizeable and diverse event with a nice buzz.


If you are attending ST Alphe Spain, do please drop by the ST Magazine stand to share your news and opinions, discuss our content, or just say hello! Both myself and Georgina Deacon will be in attendance from the editorial team.


The success of this event and the growth of Malaga itself as a Spanish language destination are highlighted in the first-ever Malaga Education Week taking place this week dovetailed with ST Alphe Spain, which forms one of the three key strands of the week.


Promoted by the Association of Spanish Schools in Malaga (NACEM) - and also including a global gathering of Spanish language teachers and the Malaga Congress under the theme of 'Spanish as an Economic Resource' - Malaga Education Week aims to bring together teachers of Spanish, academics, representatives of institutions, international educators, agents and educational consultants to raise the profile of the city and the sector.


Look out for reports and photos from Malaga Education Week and ST Alphe Spain in StudyTravel Magazine's news coverage next week.


Another pleasing adjunct to this is that one of our major news stories this week - the launch of a new French in Andorra junior camp - is based on a collaboration that spiralled out of a meeting at ST Alphe Spain between French in Normandy and HES Idiomas. We look forward to many more fruitful partnerships being forged!


Elsewhere in the news this week, we have pleasing results from International Student Barometers in New Zealand, which show a high level of satisfaction with the service of agents and the overall educational experience in the country.


We also have an MBA pathway in the USA from ELS, incoming sector growth in the Czech Republic, a new web platform to assist agents and students in linking language programmes with homestays, and a few other online initiatives to assist agents.


Check out all of these stories in full on the news homepage, or if rushed for time you always have the news video option.


Hopefully, I'll see you in sunny Malaga!



By Matthew Knott

News Editor