Matthew Knott, News Editor of StudyTravel Magazine
Opinion... from the News Editor

Well it has been quite a year on the news desk at StudyTravel Magazine, and any hopes of a bit of a wind down in the last publishing week of the year were promptly flattened!

Instead we have Ireland jostling for a share of the higher education market with a year-on-year increase, signs of stability from the French outbound language business, UK plans for an accelerated two-year degree offering, promotion of the US community college system in China and much else besides.


From our side, we have expanded the scope and scale of our online news coverage this year, bringing you the important stories as and when they happen, covering developments in destinations, source markets, government policies, international education sector data, new openings, acquisitions, industry events and announcements.


I am absolutely thrilled that our readers have responded positively to this, with readership of our online news content steadily climbing throughout the year.


And of course 2017 marked our foray into video news! Launched as a project to be innovative with our content, and ultimately give choice to our readers - you can now access news online, in print, in video - we have been taken aback by some of the positive comments we have received. I even had compliments about my shirts!


If you haven't dipped in yet, the week's main stories are rounded up into a short news programme, anchored by members of the team here! The video content doesn't stop there, as we also have interviews with agency association leaders, and testimonials about the magazine. Do check out these and the jazzy clothing - not to mention some festive shenanigans this week - at STtv.


In terms of the news content this year, I wrote an article on that in the December issue of StudyTravel Magazine, a challenging task of distilling a breathless 12 months into a couple of pages!


The USA dominated a lot of discourse, but it is worth taking a moment to step back and appreciate that not a huge amount has actually changed as yet. The much-amended travel ban now mostly allows student visas in theory, although how that plays out in practice remains to be seen. A lot of proposals, rumours and threats circulated, suggesting that the next 12 months may be busy as well.


Brexit of course remained in the headlines, but again we are hardly any further towards specifics for the international education sector than we were 12 months ago. In the meantime, the UK's ELT industry has capitalised on the cheaper pound.


Elsewhere, we had a further tranche of acquisitions in the sector, the pathway business continued apace with new partnerships regularly being announced, and a spate of innovative programme offerings appeared in the news as well -leadership, coding, robotics and CrossFit to name but a few.


So we look forward to continuing these strands and starting new ones in the year ahead, however busy it gets.


We wish our readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and we'll be back at the news desk in early January.



Matthew Knott

News Editor