New accredited French schools for Qualité FLE label

Qualité FLE, the language school accreditation body in France, has welcomed four new schools recently, amid signs of a recovery for the French language school sector.

Caroline Mouton-Muniz, Head of Programmes at the Label Qualité français langue étrangère (FLE) told StudyTravel Magazine that the French language sector and the wider tourism industry were returning to growth in 2017.


She said that the government was pursuing a target of 100 million foreign visitors per year by 2020, and was supporting the promotion of La Francophonie under new President, Emmanuel Macron.


"Thanks to the tireless efforts of Qualité FLE-accredited language schools to promote France and French, within the current Macron context we are seeing a vibrant renaissance of the French language, its popularity and the ensuing desire to discover and enjoy the vast spectrum of French, culture history and heritage," she said.


The four new accredited schools are: FIL - Français Immersion Loisirs; NewDeal Institut/centre de formation en langues étrangères; Montpellier SupAgro; and Recife.


FIL - Francais Immersion Loisirs is junior provider, offering year-round courses for groups and Easter and summer programmes for individuals aged between 11 and 17 years, combining French language study with activity programmes in the south of France.


In the city of Bordeaux, Newdeal Institut/Centre de formation en langues étrangères offers a year-round portfolio of French language programmes including general French, French au pair, DELF/DALF exam preparation and groups.


Montpellier SupAgro offers general French language courses as well as scientific learning in French, such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, agronomy and viticulture.


Recife, a year-round adult school in Le Havre, has a portfolio of programmes including French language, literacy and professional French, and is an official test centre for a number of French language exams.


The Qualité FLE label, which celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year, has also renewed the accreditation of ALIP in Paris and Campus International de Cannes.


In StudyTravel Magazine's recent France Market Analysis feature on the French language school sector, several schools alluded to more positive fortunes this year.


Eleri Maitland, Spokesperson for Groupement FLE, an association of language schools with Qualité FLE accreditation as a minimum requirement, told StudyTravel Magazine, "According to our quarterly reporting, the vast majority of Groupement FLE schools have seen an increase in student numbers and a marked increase in general enquiries about learning French and further study in France."



By Matthew Knott

News Editor