StudyTravel Magazine is conducting a reader survey
Complete ST Magazine's reader survey and win a prize!

StudyTravel Magazine is inviting its readers to participate in a short survey in order to refine the magazine and make sure it provides even more of what readers are looking for.  

The five-minute survey is an opportunity for readers to advise us how they read the magazine - in print or in digital format - when they read it, and which sections of the magazine they most engage with.


Bethan Norris, Senior Editor of ST Magazine, explained, "We had a major redesign of the magazine from the January issue of this year, so now that we are a few months into that new format it seemed like the perfect time to ask our valued readers what they think about it, and what they enjoy about the magazine generally."


With 27 years' experience, ST Magazine is the only monthly publication for agents, and is read by 29,400 agents in 127 countries, as well as by educators and service providers.


Covering all aspect of the international education industry, STMagazine includes news, features, analysis and original statistics.


Open to both agents and educators, the survey can be completed here.  


As a special thank you, all participants in the survey will be entered into a prize draw to win UK£100 of Amazon vouchers.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor