Stafford House launches pathways in North America

Global English language brand Stafford House International, part of Cambridge Education Group (CEG), has announced its entry into the North America university preparation sector with more than 60 university partners.

In a statement, the school said the new Stafford House University Pathways were a collection of services, courses and activities aimed at assisting international students in gaining acceptance at higher education institutions in the USA and Canada.


Stafford House said it had been helping international students to transition to university for 10 years, and was now consolidating and repackaging its products and services across its six schools in North America.


The new product allows international students to enter Stafford House with a conditional acceptance letter from one of the partner universities, or to choose a university degree after beginning studies with the assistance of the pathways team. Most of the partner institutions are offering conditional admission and IELTS/TOEFL waivers.


Rachel Wells, Managing Director of Stafford House USA, said, "The USA is a premier destination for international students and our dedicated, knowledgeable University Pathways team have already helped hundreds of students to progress to universities and colleges. Now we are in the exciting position of being able to offer students pre-arrival conditional admission to our partner institutions, which means the route to a quality higher education just got even more accessible."


Magdalena Link, Business Development Director of Stafford House Canada, said, "Historically and certainly in current market conditions, Canada has a competitive position in the international education sector. It poses a bright future for international students who are looking at graduating from reputable and internationally recognised colleges and universities."


As well as undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, Stafford House will also provide pathway courses to graduate certificates, which it said were gaining popularity due to the shorter timeframe and lower tuition fees, compared with a master's.


Stafford House Pathways will also provide year-round progression and scholarships to ONCAMPUS, CEG's ISC foundation programme brand.


The school said the pathway product was being launched in all markets, but it predicted particularly strong interest from China, Taiwan, Brazil, Russia & the CIS, the Middle East and Turkey.


Stafford House International expanded its presence in North America over the last two years with the acquisitions of Intrax in the USA and Omnicom in Canada. The transactions formed part of StudyTravel Magazine's recent cover story on mergers and acquisitions in the international education industry.


CEG was established in1952 and also operates the CATS high school brand and the College of Visual & Performing Arts (CSVPA) in Cambridge.



By Matthew Knott

News Editor