Photo from above of Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, UK.
Stonyhurst College to open school in Malaysia
Stonyhurst College, an independent boarding school in Lancashire, UK, will open an international school in Penang, Malaysia, in partnership with the Penang State Government and Lasallian Asia Partnership for International Schools (LAPSIS).

The school will accommodate up to 1,200 local and international students, aged three to 18, and will be operated by Stonyhurst upon completion in 2019.


Head Teacher of Stonyhurst, John Browne, said, "The opening of the Stonyhurst College in Malaysia is a historic milestone for the school and one which I sincerely hope will benefit both the community of the school and the wider community around it."


Students will be offered a British curriculum, including music, art, drama and rugby and netball, to prepare them for entry into UK and other international universities, as well as some Malaysian subjects for local students.


"This project is in line with the State Government's vision to create a unique and prestigious edu-tourism product that will raise Penang's profile internationally," said Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, in a statement published online.


"This is the Public Private Partnership (PPP) where the state government provides state land and consultations, and the private sector, in this case LAPIS, will provide funding and expertise."


Mr Michael Sng, Director of LAPIS,  commented, "LAPIS is proud to build on its success with St Joseph's Institution International School in Kuala Lumpur to form a partnership with Stonyhurst in Penang. 


"This has tremendous potential as the Penang State Government continues to successfully attract high quality foreign investment."


By Jared Tinslay

Editorial Assistant