Past ST Star Award Winners

The past winners database contains a record of past ST Star Award winners and nominees.

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ST Star Awards 2013 Winners
ST Star Work Experience Provider
Twin Group, UK
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Go International (Tamwood International College), Canada
  • Twin Group, UK
  • INTERNeX International Exchange, Canada
  • Tellus Group, UK
  • ILSC Education Group, International
ST Star Agency Eastern Europe
Students International, Russia
The shortlist nominees were:
  • DEC Educational Consultancy, Ukraine
  • Students International, Russia
  • Karya International, Turkey
  • Idealist Education Consultancy, Turkey
  • Insight, Russia
ST Star English Language School Southern Hemisphere
English Language Company (ELC), Australia
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Cape Studies, South Africa
  • Languages International, New Zealand
  • NZLC, New Zealand
  • English Language Company (ELC), Australia
  • Browns English Language School, Australia
  • IH Cape Town, South Africa
ST Star Agency North America
All About Languages, USA
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Language International, USA
  • All About Languages, USA
  • VTE Séjour Linguistiques, Canada
  • Amerispan, USA
  • Latitude International Education, Canada
ST Star Vocational College
Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, UK
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Martin College, Australia
  • London School of Business and Finance, UK
  • Bournemouth Business School International, UK
  • Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, UK
  • Chichester College, UK
ST Star Agency Western Europe
Boa Lingua, Switzerland
The shortlist nominees were:
  • ESL Sejours Linguistiques, Switzerland
  • Boa Lingua, Switzerland
  •, Ireland
  • Aventure Linguistique, Switzerland
  • Direkt Sprachreisen Heidelberg, Germany
ST Star German Language School
GLS Berlin
The shortlist nominees were:
  • GLS Berlin
  • Humboldt-Institut
  • F+U Academy of Languages
  • BWS Germanlingua
  • Carl Duisberg Centren
ST Star World Language School
Mandarin House, China
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Mandarin House, China
  • Genki Japanese and Culture School, Japan
  • CIAL - Centro de Linguas, Portugal
  • KAI Japanese Language School, Japan
ST Star Agency Latin America
Experimento, Brazil
The shortlist nominees were:
  • STB, Brazil
  • Experimento, Brazil
  • Mundo Joven Travel Shop, Mexico
  • World Study, Brazil
  • CI, Brazil
ST Star High School
Bellerbys College Brighton, UK
The shortlist nominees were:
  • ACG Parnell College, New Zealand
  • Bellerbys College Brighton, UK
  • CATS Academy Boston, USA
  • Bodwell High School, Canada
  • Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools, Canada
ST Star Agency Asia
Ryugaku Journal, Japan
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Ryugaku Journal, Japan
  • GIO Club, Japan
  • iAE Global, Korea
  • EDM Education (London Uhak), Korea
  • JJL Overseas Education Consultancy, China
ST Star Spanish Language School
Malaca Instituto, Spain
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Malaca Instituto, Spain
  • Expanish, Argentina
  • Coined International, Argentina, Guatemala & Chile
  • Escuela de Idiomas Nerja, Spain
  • CLIC - IH Sevilla, Spain
ST Star Italian Language School
Studioitalia Rome
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Linguaviva
  • Dilit – International House
  • Studioitalia Rome
  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
  • Accademia Italiana Salerno
ST Star Agency Middle East & Africa
International Group for Educational Consultants (IGEC), Saudi Arabia
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Lingualink, Israel
  • International Group for Educational Consultants (IGEC), Saudi Arabia
  • Global Vision, Jordan
  • EDUCON Study Abroad, Saudi Arabia
  • Educom Overseas, Lebanon
ST Star English Language School North America
Tamwood International College, Canada
The shortlist nominees were:
  • ELC, USA
  • Tamwood International College, Canada
  • Rennert International, USA
  • Sol Schools International, Canada & USA
  • TLA - The Language Academy, USA
ST Star Agency Association
UED, Turkey
The shortlist nominees were:
  • UED, Turkey
  • Aseproce, Spain
  • Salta, Switzerland
  • Tieca, Thailand
  • Area, Russia
ST Star French Language School
Accent Français Montpellier
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Centre International D`Antibes
  • Accent Français Montpellier
  • Institut Linguistique Adenet (ILA)
  • France Langue
  • Accord
ST Star School Association
English UK
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Quality English
  • International House World Organisation
  • Ialc
  • English Australia
  • Languages Canada
ST Star Insurance Provider
Dr Walter, Germany
The shortlist nominees were:
  • AVI International, France
  • Uni-Care International Travel Insurance Service, New Zealand
  • Dr Walter, Germany
  • International Student Insurance, USA
  • Endsleigh Insurance Services, UK
ST Star Junior Course for under 18s
Tamwood International Junior Centres, Canada
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Embassy English, International
  • Tamwood International Junior Centres, Canada
  • British Study Centres, International
  • Stafford House Study Holidays, UK
  • Churchill House Summer Vacation Courses, UK
  • EC, Malta
ST Star English Language School Europe
UIC London, UK
The shortlist nominees were:
  • ISI, Ireland
  • IH inTuition Languages, UK
  • Linguaviva, Ireland
  • UIC London, UK
  • British Study Centres, UK
ST Star New Agency
Lingazelle Språkresor, Sweden
The shortlist nominees were:
  •, Ireland
  • Lingazelle Språkresor, Sweden
  • Latitude International Education, Canada
  • Idealangues, France
  • I Love Studying, Ukraine
ST Star Chain School
ILSC Education Group
The shortlist nominees were:
  • Embassy English
  • EC
  • ILSC Education Group
  • Kaplan International Colleges
  • St Giles